Wednesday, September 27, 2006
This..that..and the Important
There are so many occasions when we dont do what we want to do, dont say what we want to say because we dont want to face the unpleasantness that might occur once we are done talking.
My mom always tells me "Unspoken words have more meaning than spoken ones" ...But I've also read "Ask and you shall be heard"..So I am always the true gemini who is not sure if I should talk or keep quiet and wait for the right moment.

"Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden, Speech at the right moment is Platinum"

But I think there's never going to be a right moment. Tomorrow is never going to come.
There are moments when it makes sense to keep quiet and talk later..but there are moments that pass because one dint talk and would never get the opportunity again.

Ultimately the choice is ours.
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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I was too bored one evening and so we went to the Indian movie store to watch a good masala movie.
As our luck would have it we had already exhausted their collection of new and old movies. So there was nothing left to watch & that’s when S noticed this movie “Flavors”

The movie takes a peek at the lives of different people and how they all come together. People of different kinds, different flavors is the concept of the movie.

First there ‘s a guy and a gal.. They are the best of friends…their conversations will make you smile…and you know for sure that this guy loves her. They are always talking to each other though they live miles apart and are technically only “friends” still. The way he cheers her up being so far away was sooo romantic and believable, not like our usual Hindi movies were the hero is actually at her doorstep the moment she is upset irrespective of where he lives. They way he turns jealous when she actually considers marrying another guy are all interesting and romantic.

Then there is this married to an IT guy and so single girl, getting completely bored in the US of A…since she’s stuck at home …but working at keeping herself busy and amused…am sure her character would strike a chord with most of the non-working married girls in the US.

Then there are these adorable parents from India visiting their son who is getting married to an American. Their apprehensions, the love that they share for each other, the way they try to fit into the culture that’s prevalent here are all taken out of day-to-day life instances.

There there’s the “Can I speak to Geetha” lover boy, who is in love with being in love.
Lots of instances taken out of our everyday lives, funny moments, chic dialogues, good editing, no over the top acting, down to earth portrayals..makes this one fun movie to be enjoyed by one and all.

They would all surely make you smile.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006
Its Raining..
Who doesn’t love rains? If you’ve spent most part of your life in hot places like Chennai, Pilani or Dallas I am sure you just can’t stop loving the rains.
I love it when it rains.
One constraint though,I don’t love it when it pours throughout the day and I cant step out and do fun things.
As much as I can associate rain with the smell of sand when the first drops fall, chill wind, paper boats, holidays, bunking school,slush, I can associate it with food, not just any kinda food…Hot home cooked food. (Yummmmy…)

I love the way a hot water bath felt especially on a rainy day.

I simply need hot food when it rains. On one such day Amma made tomato rice with alu curry..that’s the best that I’ve had to date…
Anna, Amma and me eating that awesome food I can still see that right in front of my eyes.. We would offer to help amma out totally in the kitchen and she would gladly make all that for us…

Those were great days when we were all together at one place..(Sigh..)

During BITS, I don’t remember it ever raining like crazy….but I remember numerous occasions when we would cycle out on our bikes and the whole place would look like new…the trees greener than usual, the flowers smiling at us..and all the wet buildings..wet roads….Pilani is such a beautiful place…

Now, whenever it rains in Dallas, though we don’t do it most of the times, I just imagine myself sitting on the patio with a glass of hot tea or hot chocolate with S by my side and gazing at the rain. This is so beautiful and picture perfect for me to imagine.
But most of the days we are at work and I settle for a cup of Hot Chocolate at my desk..
But if it rains on weekends, then I would make hot tea and cuddle up with S and we would really enjoy the lovely rains.
This weekend when it rained S’s mom made hot pakoras for us.. that was one divine rainy day.
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Friday, September 15, 2006
Color TV
Does this make sense to anyone?Are we justified in doing this?
Did people really vote for this government for this?
In a state where Child Labor is still prevalent and is not 100 % literate. Where there is still unemployment, giving away color TV sets and allocating taxpayers money to do that..this really baffles me.
The news article states that the state government would spend about 750 crores of taxpayers money to give away 2500000 color television sets.
I strongly feel this is one of the worst that can be done.
You probably sell Rice at low prices…that was a good move , but not this one.
Why not open more schools, create more jobs and help people get out of the rut that they are in and aid them to buy the TV themselves?

You don’t always give food to someone who is hungry. You help them to find a job that will help them find food for themselves everyday.
That is what should have been done.
This is simply the worst that a chief minister who is an educationist himself can do to the state.
Is there any justification as to why this is done?
Why was it even a poll promise?
One more quote from the CM “We will create a situation where there will not be a single house in the state without color TV."

Why do we need a color TV in every single house? To watch all the crap that’s being televised. All those crying and conspiring women in serials…Wastrels…Useless movies…this is what occurs mostly on TV... There are hardly any good shows on TV that’s worth watching.

This is a sheer waste of power and money
No good can come from this.

I hope people don’t give in to these kind of freebies at least next time around.
Oh my god…. I feel and really wish I could do something about this, than just write about it. Maybe someday I will.

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You can take a person out of a place but never a place out of a person… feels so true sometimes .We tend to get attached to places over a period of time because of the bonds that we develop with the place and it becomes a part of you.
Most of the times I wonder if any place be the same without the people in it.
Would home mean anything if I knew S wouldn’t come back in the evening?
Will Chennai be the same if Appa and Amma are not there?
Will BITS mean anything without all the friends I made out there?
Will I remember school without all the friends…fights…games and fun?
Infosys would never have been such a great experience without the friends, co-workers and managers.Even though over a period of time we grow attached to a place…Life there would never be the same without the people around us who make it so special.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Happy Birthday Sudha!
Today is Sudha' s birthday..Sudha is my best friend from college. Ours is the kind of friendship that just grew..She was a friend of another close friend.
I had heard a lot about her even before I met her..My friend Sharmila always spoke about Sudha.
We were really waiting to meet Sudha and as fate would have it Sudha joined BITS in the second sem during the same year we joined BITS.
There's something about Sudha that makes you like her instantly..She is warm, considerate, caring..all that you can expect in a friend.
There has never been an occasion when Sudha has not been around for me.
Even if she had an important assignment to complete , she would be there to talk with you.
A bad argument with another friend..home sickness...fever..cold...cough whatever....Sudha used to be my Vitamin in college.Talking to her would make me feel so good.

I can never forget Sudha trying to take us the Cafeteria . Her direction sense is as bad as mine.
Eating up all the milk powder which her mom used to send for her(us :)) in delhi...her paati's home cooked food packed for all of us...visits to c'not...the soft toy gollu we had in her room...sudha's advise on guys,acads,family..everything..
...All the times we spent together are so precious...
She is like the sister I never had...

Happy Birthday Sudha..
Hope we meet sooon.
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Monday, September 11, 2006
Jilendru Oru Kaadhal
We watched this movie over this weekend. One of my very few First Day First Show movies.
We initially were not very interested in hitting the theaters for this movie though am a huge Jo fan :)
But then when S's brother said he was going to watch it, we wanted to do it too..So after a quick Hot Samosa chaat dinner we rushed to the movie theaters.
We thought we were lucky to get tickets cos the movie ran a full house..Silendru Oru Kadhal is a classic case of too much hype and expectations...The movie definitely doesnt live up to the hype surrounding it.
The movie started off well..The marriage scene and the family's whistle talk were novel.

Then the movie started slacking mainly because AR Rehman's music was not used fully and also because the re-recording was too loud.
The portions after Jo read's his college days diary are plainly stupid.Who would choose to do something that Jo decides to do? She should have been totally out of her mind..or 'mad'ly in love.

I understand that she should have felt bad that he dint tell her about such a huge thing that happened in his life but the extent to which she goes to make him happy...Eeeeks! NO.

The dialogue that Bhumika says when she actually proposes to him is the worst of all!
Why doesnt Surya actually look for her after he recovers???
Why was NY nagaram song picturized in NY???? I really wish they dint screw it up so badly....

Munbe Vaa picturization was kinda ok..
Santhanam's comedy rocks! Vadivelu's portions could have been axed...They definitely dint add any laughs.
Though S thought the kid spoke too thinks she looked really adorable so couldnt bother much about the talking.
Ultimately the movie was time pass.
If one has time to kill , one can definitely watch this movie.

Jo-Suriya look really great as a couple ...Off Screen or On fav couple.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006
Is there someone who is never confused about what he wants in life? What he should be doing when there are two similar paths that can be taken?
I am perenially confused.I take some decisions which I cant stick to as time goes by.I am confused about why I chose to cut my hair almost immediately I cut my hair,I dont know why I do a lot of things when I am not so happy with it.

I am confused wondering if I should do what feels right to me, or what is right to the society.
I am almost always vascillating when it comes to any kind of decision I need to take. Maybe its a gemini trait. But I dont really believe in zodiac signs and traits..I dont read Linda Goodman.

I really am in awe of people who make decisions feeling absolute sure of what they do.

I just cant pin point and say why I get confused.
This feeling was compounded by a friend who told me yesterday that am always like this ..Confused and confusing!

I usually do what feels right to me at that moment. Though there have been situations when I really was not happy when I took certain decisions but later on was glad that I did the right thing.

That makes me think , that there is nothing that is perfectly right or wrong. What feels right today could be wrong tomorrow and there are no whites or blacks just greys.Everything varies depending on the dynamics of the situation that we are in.

Am I a confused individual who is selfish doing things that are only ok to me?.........Am i bad?
I dont know .. There's nothing as contagious as a smile from the heart ...and that is what I want to see in everyone....
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Friday, September 01, 2006
Best Friend?
In my previous post I wrote what I would do if some friendship of mine affects my relationship with my spouse.
What I would expect S to do, is to really understand and trust my friends, so that I dont have to really lose a good friend.
So i guess its a mutual thing :)
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