Saturday, January 26, 2008
Could there cannot be anything more true than this?

The most selfless affection is a mothers affection towards her child..
in these 26 years that i've mom has been there for me ...she has felt and lived through all of my ups and downs...
There have been a lot of times, when i would be upset about something, and amma totally out of the blue would call me to find out if everything was ok...Is there some telepathic contact between a mother and a child? How does the mom know it all?
I have had some stupid thoughts arise in my mind sometimes that nobody understands me...and thats when I would call home and my mom would prove it to me without me saying anything...that she understands and accepts me totally and completely..

Thank You God for my most precious gift from God..
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  • At 6:43 PM, Blogger Rauf

    whatoo ?
    what 26 ?
    previous post on 26th july
    this post on 26th january
    and there's 26 in this post

    aiyoo ramchanderjee
    severe back pain
    stoofeed enough to go by car to kerala, with friends, long jaarney
    bad roads gave me backa paina
    one doctor with us from US
    wanted to see ayurvedic centres
    so took him to few places
    i go see momsee daddy this week.
    den nutting
    chumma sitting
    wasting time
    reading richard dawkins
    making myself angry

    yes yes momsee is so loving and caring
    they know
    they all know
    i don know how they know
    i used to sneak in to my houj with a new record
    i hide it
    den go inside
    den my mom says aaah you bought a new record
    wasting money you idiot, gaddha
    even before i played the record she knew
    she knew when i have a head ache
    she could just read my eyes and know about my health.
    why you ate outside ?
    oweee !!
    how does she know that i ate outside ??
    one day she shocked me by saying you can smoke inside the house
    chori chori don't smoke outside
    i banged my yeddu on da wall
    aiyoo ramchanderjee !

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