Monday, December 18, 2006
I feel like I need to go to a Life Management Class..
What takes precedence?
Long term goals...or short term goals...what does one do when one goal conflicts with another?

Should I think of the bigger picture or should I worry about the small things that make the bigger picture?
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Thursday, December 07, 2006
Life is unfair
Sometimes I tend to not follow these stories cause they affect me emotionally atleast for a day or two and I would think shielding myself from not reading and hearing about such sad stories is better that brooding over such heart breaking events..

James Kim, a heroic dad...I had been one among the millions who were following the search for this man and his family...There are so many things he did wrong and had he not done them he would be playing with his kids today and getting ready for Christmas...but Life isnt so cant just use the rewind button and go back and erase all mistakes...

It ached so much to read that he braved 7 miles down a winding route to just be one mile away from where his family was...he supposedly had to swim in the cold....

I wish he had survived..all of us wish he did...

But such events really put us in the right perspective when we feel proud or expect return for the small things that we do for family,friends and others..

This dad did the ultimate thing ..gave up his life for his family....
Maybe had he survived he would have done a lot more for his family...I wish that had happened..

May his soul rest in peace...hope he somehow gets to know that his wife and kids are doing fine..
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