Saturday, January 26, 2008
Could there cannot be anything more true than this?

The most selfless affection is a mothers affection towards her child..
in these 26 years that i've mom has been there for me ...she has felt and lived through all of my ups and downs...
There have been a lot of times, when i would be upset about something, and amma totally out of the blue would call me to find out if everything was ok...Is there some telepathic contact between a mother and a child? How does the mom know it all?
I have had some stupid thoughts arise in my mind sometimes that nobody understands me...and thats when I would call home and my mom would prove it to me without me saying anything...that she understands and accepts me totally and completely..

Thank You God for my most precious gift from God..
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Thursday, July 26, 2007
Back Again
Its been quite a while since I wrote something on this blog...and the very little readers I might have probably had dont quite exist now...

Lots of things happened in these 6 months..

We went on a lovely vacation to Mauii..Awesome trip..I think I should write it down so that I dont forget that beautiful place and the activities we did there....Thats going to keep coming in the next few posts...

Three of my friends had their first babies.. :)
My best friend is getting married :)

We are well settled in our new home....Beautiful home....great neighbors ..cant ask for more.. I've never had such perspectives... its really nice really going to have a heartache if we ever have to move out of this place...

Amma n appa are here ...thats even more sandosham! :D
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
New Year, Pongal, Happy News,Winter, Ice, all
Its been quite sometime since I actually penned things that are happening around ...was kind of busy at work and at home.. and things were actually getting to me that I was feeling frustrated with the mundaness of things and troubled S so much...

I've been feeling really bored with work and the daily chores that I've been doing and was cribbing a lot...and felt the new year 's really boring but then since the past couple of days I am realizing that this new year has started of pretty well and am not noticing it..
Have been hearing a lot of exciting things happening around my friends circle and thats made my spirits go high
Sudha's wedding news and Bush's baby news...:)) (Sounds weird when I think of the President Bush) ...all so exciting..

Babies...marriages...more marriages ..more babies....our families are growing.. :)

My mom's retirement...

....Also its snowing in Dallas, the max that I 've seen in the past is a thin sleet of ice...and today it was a lot more than that...

S woke me up in the morning and showed me how everything was was a lovely sight to see that..dont know if we would appreciate it if we lived somewhere along the east coast...

Both of us ran out ...played in the snow...took snaps of our home's first snow..:)

Its great how such small things can change one's mood (for the better ofcourse)

Life is beautiful....and Dallas can u stay like this for one more day pls... :))
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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
New Year 2007
I usually make resolutions every year and try hard at keeping them.....
2006 blew past so sooon and its already 2 days into 2007 and I havent made a resolution yet...

Guess this is the year of no resolutions...Live every day as it comes....and I dont find this hard to keep..
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Monday, December 18, 2006
I feel like I need to go to a Life Management Class..
What takes precedence?
Long term goals...or short term goals...what does one do when one goal conflicts with another?

Should I think of the bigger picture or should I worry about the small things that make the bigger picture?
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Thursday, December 07, 2006
Life is unfair
Sometimes I tend to not follow these stories cause they affect me emotionally atleast for a day or two and I would think shielding myself from not reading and hearing about such sad stories is better that brooding over such heart breaking events..

James Kim, a heroic dad...I had been one among the millions who were following the search for this man and his family...There are so many things he did wrong and had he not done them he would be playing with his kids today and getting ready for Christmas...but Life isnt so cant just use the rewind button and go back and erase all mistakes...

It ached so much to read that he braved 7 miles down a winding route to just be one mile away from where his family was...he supposedly had to swim in the cold....

I wish he had survived..all of us wish he did...

But such events really put us in the right perspective when we feel proud or expect return for the small things that we do for family,friends and others..

This dad did the ultimate thing ..gave up his life for his family....
Maybe had he survived he would have done a lot more for his family...I wish that had happened..

May his soul rest in peace...hope he somehow gets to know that his wife and kids are doing fine..
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Monday, November 20, 2006
How do I get lost so easily??..struggled to get onto I 40 and back to the hotel...Felt like a small kid lost in a carnival....and felt so happy to be back to the hotel..
Drove down to the Shelly Lake in Raleigh-Durham...I was so thrilled cos I managed to reach the lake without getting lost...and though fall was almost to see some lovely reds,purples and yellow leaves....
My happiness dint last for long when I got lost and dint know how to get back...and dint have a map in the car (not that I know to read maps... :( )...Anyways at the end of it felt proud of myself ..
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Fall Back...
Got to see a little bit of the lovely fall colors...made a short trip to NC sometime back..
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