Friday, October 20, 2006
Happy Diwali!

Wishing you all a happy , fun-filled and safe diwali.
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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Happy Diwali!
2 More days to go...or is it just one more day to go...since today is almost over....Its Diwali.
Happy Diwali to everyone..

Thousands of miles away from home I miss the smell and sound of firecrackers...the dampness of the rain and the fresh smell of soil when the first drops of rain fall...there's no mom n dad here to wake us up early in the morning...I miss appa keeping the first drop of oil and mom massaging it on to my hair and it used to feel so heavenly...without all of this diwali doesnt seem exciting here..the excitement waiting for amma n appa to come home with a box of crackers for the two of us,carefully splitting it with my brother, waiting for Diwali day to wear the new dress......

No amma n appa, no relatives......just the two of us....Whats a festival if you cant spend it with family...I miss you Chennai..

Maybe few years down the lane when we add branches to our family tree and do all those things together ,Diwali would feel wonderful again.

After all this complaining that I've thankful there are some friends around here....and its on a weekend..which means S would be home...I think this is a lot better than just me spending Diwali at work :))
There's always a good side to everything.
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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Is there a nice way to it possible to die with a smile on one's face..Do we realize that this is the end a second before it happens? How does one face death? Does your whole life flash in front of your eyes? do we remember all our loved ones? do we feel sorry for the people we have hurt? how does the mind feel? Is it turbulence or is it to absolute calmness? I know its the most difficult one to imagine for me..and that too I can never imagine a loved one or someone known to me passing heart shudders to think about it..

Why am I thinking about it reason ..just that I read a couple of sad stories about deaths..

I've read somewhere that our fear of death arises because its considered as a point of no return. Maybe if we thought death as the beginning of a new journey things would have been better. I think its the fear of the unknown,maybe because no one ever comes back to tell us the story about the good times they are having...

I'll never live to answer this question.

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Monday, October 09, 2006
This is not about the President of the United States..this is about a girl fondly called Bush by roomie in college.
She is sucha lovely person and its been wonderful knowing her. I really do admire her calmness as well as the thadi she is..
I felt both of us were really inseparable during our second year in BITS when we were roomies. I usually get really attached to people and bush is one of those close friends...
Was she always like this and none of us realized it or was it all hidden waiting to come outside. Most of our personalities changed while in BITS..but I think Bush's personality changed once she got married..Once ,this calm composed girl in BITS has done a 180 degree twist..Or thats what I feel, maybe since we havent spent so much time together since we passed out and my judgement could be wrong..
I dont know whatever it is..but today is her Birthday...and I wish her many such happy occasions to come..
Happy Birthday Bush..
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Saturday, October 07, 2006
Playing with Kids
A friend invited us over to their place for dinner last night. Another common friend also was invited. Needless to say her cooking was awesome and the food was great..S playing with their kids and I somehow got involved in their game. The game was S and I would hide the fan remote somewhere and the girls will have to locate it and we would give them 3 clues to find it..
Ours friends told us that kids usually crave for adult attention and revel in it..maybe its true but I simply loved playing with them..seeing them smile and get excited...all the hugs and kisses... felt really a feeling of contentment..
All of us are going to be neigbours soon, hope we get many more such occasions to play with these kids..

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Thursday, October 05, 2006
Mom n Dad..
Few of my cousins who got married recently or are engaged to get married have made their own choice of a life partner. Couple of years ago parents would have reacted by absolutely not accepting the idea and openly disagreeing with their children without really giving them a chance to explain. I think its bad only when parents blindly refuse without seeing any reason.My uncles/aunts have been really gracious in approving the choices of their offsprings even before meeting the boy/girl.
Even though they have done that, I am not sure if they are just as happy. In a society like India where the parents provide for the children till they totally complete their education and find a job, inspite of their unconditional love, parents do expect that their children would give them the opportunity of being a part of this. But when they dont get to do it, they reconcile to the fact that they want their son/daughter to be happy and if this is what is going to make them happy then they go ahead and do it.
I am not stating its wrong to choose your life partner. I just think once we find someone whom we believe could be a great partner one needs to let his/her parents know and should be able to convince them and reassure them about our choices.
What seems correct today might not seem ok tomorrow. Life takes one through its ups and downs.
I for some reason , could never bring myself to choose a partner on my own because I had this strong feeling that I would fail my parents. I dint want my dad, mom and brother preparing for my marriage with an ounce of displeasure.
My parents had always dreamt of my marriage and planned for it for years and I did not want to make them compromise on that.
Yes, they could have been just has happy as they are if they hadnt chosen S for me and I had chosen him, but I never know.
Our choices could be the best ones that one could make & our parents could go wrong..but today am happy that I let my parents do that and that is all that matters to them.
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Hot Chocolate
I started writing this blog because I developed this feeling that I was losing the little writing skills hat I believe I have. So this one was supposed to be a place to write whatever I felt about writing.
Today is just one of those days when I have nothing much to do and dont seem to know what to write a short account about my love affair with Hot Chocolate.
I have never been a milk person, though I love cheese, sour cream,curd , yoghurt and ofcourse ice cream, I have never liked milk...My parents have tried all kinds of stuff to make me love milk...even scary stories of losing my teeth..
Then one day after our marriage S took me to Starbucks , since am not a coffee person either I settled for the simple Hot Chocolate there...and from that day I've been hooked on to it.
Now hot chocolate is become so much of a part of me..When am sad, when am happy, when am not well...all the time.. I need to stop myself these days from going there everyday..Its somehow sucha nice hangout place for us.S ,his friends and I have spent hours talking and arguing about nothing and everything.
During our last year's trip to Japan we noticed a starbucks outlet there and it felt like we met someone who speaks our mother tongue..thats how close the store it is..
I know that their coffee is over priced but for some reason it doesn't seem to matter and no wonder their stock prices are going up by the day...
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Monday, October 02, 2006
Saraswati Pooja
Yesterday was Saraswati Pooja , a celebration of Goddess Saraswati who is the epitome knowledge, learning and the arts.
Way back during our school days, this was one festival we used to eagerly look forward to..Usually it meant starting to learn something new ..Like dance, music,a new language or some art form…and it also meant keeping your books at the altar and praying that you get blessed with more knowledge.
There is this belief that you should not take your books out for the day once its placed at the this is what most of us did, Kept all our note books, text books, dictionary and any thing associated to academics out there and not study..
The day was well spent eating amma’s awesome cooking ,watching tv and hanging out with cousins without an ounce of guilt.

This is the first time we are celebrating saraswati pooja on our own.
I never thought I could get responsible enough to cook a grand meal and offer prasadam.I surprised myself by doing all that. S got his car washed and both of kept chandan and kumkum on all our books , laptops , mobile phones and prayed for better knowledge. S also blessed that I should work at becoming better behaved :)
Today’s vijayadasami and before S ran to catch his flight he played his keyboard for a few minutes..a fresh start.... I think these traditions will never die. It would just get passed on and generations to come would celebrate it in their own little way.
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