Thursday, July 26, 2007
Back Again
Its been quite a while since I wrote something on this blog...and the very little readers I might have probably had dont quite exist now...

Lots of things happened in these 6 months..

We went on a lovely vacation to Mauii..Awesome trip..I think I should write it down so that I dont forget that beautiful place and the activities we did there....Thats going to keep coming in the next few posts...

Three of my friends had their first babies.. :)
My best friend is getting married :)

We are well settled in our new home....Beautiful home....great neighbors ..cant ask for more.. I've never had such perspectives... its really nice really going to have a heartache if we ever have to move out of this place...

Amma n appa are here ...thats even more sandosham! :D
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  • At 6:48 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Been Checking
    post pictures Amma appa houj, holiday
    i ams doings nottin
    last month chumma wasting time,
    going coorg tomorrow
    this month vonly traveling traveling
    annie happy i am happy
    you have one reader
    don worree
    sawed diehard 4
    aiyooo rama raama
    vonly sooting sooting ...bore
    my yeddu scratching scratching
    warse than rajnikant
    i am a big monkey, felt like a fool after the movie
    aiyoo 90 rupees
    sathyam thatter looks like some poreen cundry

    rained for 2 three days
    2 heavyshowers with lightning thunder

    wat news ?
    no news

    take picture of houj
    say hi amma appa